Source code for espnet.utils.fill_missing_args

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# Copyright 2018 Nagoya University (Tomoki Hayashi)
#  Apache 2.0  (

import argparse
import logging

[docs]def fill_missing_args(args, add_arguments): """Fill missing arguments in args. Args: args (Namespace or None): Namesapce containing hyperparameters. add_arguments (function): Function to add arguments. Returns: Namespace: Arguments whose missing ones are filled with default value. Examples: >>> from argparse import Namespace >>> from espnet.nets.pytorch_backend.e2e_tts_tacotron2 import Tacotron2 >>> args = Namespace() >>> fill_missing_args(args, Tacotron2.add_arguments_fn) Namespace(aconv_chans=32, aconv_filts=15, adim=512, atype='location', ...) """ # check argument type assert isinstance(args, argparse.Namespace) or args is None assert callable(add_arguments) # get default arguments default_args, _ = add_arguments(argparse.ArgumentParser()).parse_known_args() # convert to dict args = {} if args is None else vars(args) default_args = vars(default_args) for key, value in default_args.items(): if key not in args: 'attribute "%s" does not exist. use default %s.' % (key, str(value)) ) args[key] = value return argparse.Namespace(**args)