Source code for espnet2.text.cleaner

from typing import Collection, Optional

import tacotron_cleaner.cleaners
from jaconv import jaconv
from typeguard import typechecked

    from vietnamese_cleaner import vietnamese_cleaners
except ImportError:
    vietnamese_cleaners = None

from espnet2.text.korean_cleaner import KoreanCleaner

    from whisper.normalizers import BasicTextNormalizer, EnglishTextNormalizer
except (ImportError, SyntaxError):
    BasicTextNormalizer = None

[docs]class TextCleaner: """Text cleaner. Examples: >>> cleaner = TextCleaner("tacotron") >>> cleaner("(Hello-World); & jr. & dr.") 'HELLO WORLD, AND JUNIOR AND DOCTOR' """ @typechecked def __init__(self, cleaner_types: Optional[Collection[str]] = None): if cleaner_types is None: self.cleaner_types = [] elif isinstance(cleaner_types, str): self.cleaner_types = [cleaner_types] else: self.cleaner_types = list(cleaner_types) self.whisper_cleaner = None if BasicTextNormalizer is not None: for t in self.cleaner_types: if t == "whisper_en": self.whisper_cleaner = EnglishTextNormalizer() elif t == "whisper_basic": self.whisper_cleaner = BasicTextNormalizer() def __call__(self, text: str) -> str: for t in self.cleaner_types: if t == "tacotron": text = tacotron_cleaner.cleaners.custom_english_cleaners(text) elif t == "jaconv": text = jaconv.normalize(text) elif t == "vietnamese": if vietnamese_cleaners is None: raise RuntimeError("Please install underthesea") text = vietnamese_cleaners.vietnamese_cleaner(text) elif t == "korean_cleaner": text = KoreanCleaner.normalize_text(text) elif "whisper" in t and self.whisper_cleaner is not None: text = self.whisper_cleaner(text) else: raise RuntimeError(f"Not supported: type={t}") return text