Source code for espnet2.torch_utils.initialize

#!/usr/bin/env python3

"""Initialize modules for espnet2 neural networks."""

import logging
import math

import torch
from typeguard import typechecked

[docs]@typechecked def initialize(model: torch.nn.Module, init: str): """Initialize weights of a neural network module. Parameters are initialized using the given method or distribution. Custom initialization routines can be implemented into submodules as function `espnet_initialization_fn` within the custom module. Args: model: Target. init: Method of initialization. """ if init == "chainer": # 1. lecun_normal_init_parameters for name, p in model.named_parameters(): data = if ".bias" in name and data.dim() == 1: # bias data.zero_()"Initialize {name} to zeros") elif data.dim() == 1: # linear weight n = data.size(0) stdv = 1.0 / math.sqrt(n) data.normal_(0, stdv) elif data.dim() == 2: # linear weight n = data.size(1) stdv = 1.0 / math.sqrt(n) data.normal_(0, stdv) elif data.dim() in (3, 4): # conv weight n = data.size(1) for k in data.size()[2:]: n *= k stdv = 1.0 / math.sqrt(n) data.normal_(0, stdv) else: raise NotImplementedError for mod in model.modules(): # 2. embed weight ~ Normal(0, 1) if isinstance(mod, torch.nn.Embedding):, 1) # 3. forget-bias = 1.0 elif isinstance(mod, torch.nn.RNNCellBase): n = mod.bias_ih.size(0)[n // 4 : n // 2].fill_(1.0) elif isinstance(mod, torch.nn.RNNBase): for name, param in mod.named_parameters(): if "bias" in name: n = param.size(0)[n // 4 : n // 2].fill_(1.0) if hasattr(mod, "espnet_initialization_fn"): mod.espnet_initialization_fn() else: # weight init for p in model.parameters(): if p.dim() > 1: if init == "xavier_uniform": torch.nn.init.xavier_uniform_( elif init == "xavier_normal": torch.nn.init.xavier_normal_( elif init == "kaiming_uniform": torch.nn.init.kaiming_uniform_(, nonlinearity="relu") elif init == "kaiming_normal": torch.nn.init.kaiming_normal_(, nonlinearity="relu") else: raise ValueError("Unknown initialization: " + init) # bias init for name, p in model.named_parameters(): if ".bias" in name and p.dim() == 1:"Initialize {name} to zeros") # reset some modules with default init for m in model.modules(): if isinstance( m, (torch.nn.Embedding, torch.nn.LayerNorm, torch.nn.GroupNorm) ): m.reset_parameters() if hasattr(m, "espnet_initialization_fn"): m.espnet_initialization_fn() # TODO(xkc): Hacking s3prl_frontend and wav2vec2encoder initialization if getattr(model, "encoder", None) and getattr( model.encoder, "reload_pretrained_parameters", None ): model.encoder.reload_pretrained_parameters() if getattr(model, "frontend", None): if getattr(model.frontend, "reload_pretrained_parameters", None): model.frontend.reload_pretrained_parameters() elif isinstance( getattr(model.frontend, "frontends", None), torch.nn.ModuleList, ): for i, _ in enumerate(getattr(model.frontend, "frontends")): if getattr( model.frontend.frontends[i], "reload_pretrained_parameters", None, ): model.frontend.frontends[i].reload_pretrained_parameters() if getattr(model, "postencoder", None) and getattr( model.postencoder, "reload_pretrained_parameters", None ): model.postencoder.reload_pretrained_parameters() if getattr(model, "decoder", None) and getattr( model.decoder, "reload_pretrained_parameters", None ): model.decoder.reload_pretrained_parameters()