Source code for espnet2.utils.get_default_kwargs

import inspect

[docs]class Invalid: """Marker object for not serializable-object"""
[docs]def get_default_kwargs(func): """Get the default values of the input function. Examples: >>> def func(a, b=3): pass >>> get_default_kwargs(func) {'b': 3} """ def yaml_serializable(value): # isinstance(x, tuple) includes namedtuple, so type is used here if type(value) is tuple: return yaml_serializable(list(value)) elif isinstance(value, set): return yaml_serializable(list(value)) elif isinstance(value, dict): if not all(isinstance(k, str) for k in value): return Invalid retval = {} for k, v in value.items(): v2 = yaml_serializable(v) # Register only valid object if v2 not in (Invalid, inspect.Parameter.empty): retval[k] = v2 return retval elif isinstance(value, list): retval = [] for v in value: v2 = yaml_serializable(v) # If any elements in the list are invalid, # the list also becomes invalid if v2 is Invalid: return Invalid else: retval.append(v2) return retval elif value in (inspect.Parameter.empty, None): return value elif isinstance(value, (float, int, complex, bool, str, bytes)): return value else: return Invalid # params: An ordered mapping of inspect.Parameter params = inspect.signature(func).parameters data = { p.default for p in params.values()} # Remove not yaml-serializable object data = yaml_serializable(data) return data