Source code for espnet.nets.pytorch_backend.conformer.argument

# Copyright 2020 Hirofumi Inaguma
#  Apache 2.0  (

"""Conformer common arguments."""

import logging
from distutils.util import strtobool

[docs]def add_arguments_conformer_common(group): """Add Transformer common arguments.""" group.add_argument( "--transformer-encoder-pos-enc-layer-type", type=str, default="abs_pos", choices=["abs_pos", "scaled_abs_pos", "rel_pos"], help="Transformer encoder positional encoding layer type", ) group.add_argument( "--transformer-encoder-activation-type", type=str, default="swish", choices=["relu", "hardtanh", "selu", "swish"], help="Transformer encoder activation function type", ) group.add_argument( "--macaron-style", default=False, type=strtobool, help="Whether to use macaron style for positionwise layer", ) # Attention group.add_argument( "--zero-triu", default=False, type=strtobool, help="If true, zero the uppper triangular part of attention matrix.", ) # Relative positional encoding group.add_argument( "--rel-pos-type", type=str, default="legacy", choices=["legacy", "latest"], help="Whether to use the latest relative positional encoding or the legacy one." "The legacy relative positional encoding will be deprecated in the future." "More Details can be found in", ) # CNN module group.add_argument( "--use-cnn-module", default=False, type=strtobool, help="Use convolution module or not", ) group.add_argument( "--cnn-module-kernel", default=31, type=int, help="Kernel size of convolution module.", ) return group
[docs]def verify_rel_pos_type(args): """Verify the relative positional encoding type for compatibility. Args: args (Namespace): original arguments Returns: args (Namespace): modified arguments """ rel_pos_type = getattr(args, "rel_pos_type", None) if rel_pos_type is None or rel_pos_type == "legacy": if args.transformer_encoder_pos_enc_layer_type == "rel_pos": args.transformer_encoder_pos_enc_layer_type = "legacy_rel_pos" logging.warning( "Using legacy_rel_pos and it will be deprecated in the future." ) if args.transformer_encoder_selfattn_layer_type == "rel_selfattn": args.transformer_encoder_selfattn_layer_type = "legacy_rel_selfattn" logging.warning( "Using legacy_rel_selfattn and it will be deprecated in the future." ) return args