Source code for espnet2.gan_svs.utils.expand_f0

# Copyright 2023 Yifeng Yu
#  Apache 2.0  (

"""Function to get random segments."""

import torch.nn.functional as F

[docs]def expand_f0(f0_frame, hop_length, method="interpolation"): """Expand f0 to output wave length. Args: f0_frame (Tensor): Input tensor (B, 1, frame_len). hop_length (Tensor): Hop length. method (str): Method to expand f0. Choose either 'interpolation' or 'repeat'. Returns: Tensor: Output tensor (B, 1, wav_len). """ frame_length = f0_frame.size(2) signal_length = frame_length * hop_length if method == "interpolation": f0_sample = F.interpolate( f0_frame, size=signal_length, mode="linear", align_corners=False ) elif method == "repeat": f0_sample = f0_frame.repeat_interleave(hop_length, dim=2)[:signal_length] else: raise ValueError("Invalid method. Choose either 'interpolation' or 'repeat'.") f0_sample = f0_sample.squeeze()[ :signal_length ] # Remove extra dimensions and trim to signal_length return f0_sample